About plasma

With its simplicity, ease of use, economic and ecological characteristics, plasma technology is an attractive prospect. Its diverse areas of application benefit numerous sectors: aeronautics, automobile industry, packaging, optics, microelectronics, etc.



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Plasma technology involves placing the materials to be treated into a vacuum chamber, into which a process gas such as argon or oxygen is injected at low pressure (between 0.01 and 1 mbar). Supplying energy in the form of an electric field with a frequency varying between continuous and microwave frequencies causes the gas to decompose partially, resulting in the state of plasma. The species resulting from this decomposition are composed of ions, electrons and various radicals.

These radicals are extremely reactive. They may react with each other and with the surrounding surfaces, including the surface of the material that is being treated.
Surface reactions then occur that lead to a functional modification of the surface.

Among the species generated by plasma, they are metastables which have long lifetimes and therefore have a very wide range of action. They can react outside plasma zone (post-disharge treatment). Parts with complex forms and large parts can thus be treated.

The exposure time can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the process.


The principle is the same as vacuum plasma, except that electric fields used is much more intense. It is for this reason that the plasma torches are small.
This technology is particularly well suited to small, relatively simple form surfaces and for 2D surfaces (film).

  • Intervention domain

    We operate in the different areas :

    • Surface activation and preparation of plastics, metals before gluing, painting, varnishing ... (2D and 3D parts, whatever the size )
    • Etching (RIE) and cleaning
    • Deposition of functional thin layers (PECVD) as the DLC layers, barrier layers...
  • Turnkey Solutions

    From the standardized equipment to special machines, the experience acquired enables us to offer turnkey solutions that can be integrate in the production flows.

  • Customer support

    ISYTECH guarantee it’s customers a personalized technical support allowing them to make the best technical and economic choices.


  • Low production costs
  • Low environmental impact (no solvents)
  • Excellent durability of the treatment
  • Appropriate technology for continuous production flow
  • Processes easily adapted to the product to be treated and the desired result