Machines manual loading


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We offer manual loading machines dedicated to surface treatment applications and / or thin film deposition, for industrial and R&D applications

These machines are available in different versions and equipment levels. They are adaptable to customer needs (volume and shape of the room, number of gas line ...)
They are available in radiofrequency (RF 13.56 MHz) or microwave (MW 2.45 GHz) plasma versions.
(See examples of achievements in the slideshow).

Managed by a PLC or panel PC as required. The management software provides great flexibility and provides different levels of security and traceability. It allows you to work both in manual mode and automatic mode.

The volume of the chamber can vary from a few liters to several m3
The choice of the pumping system also depends on the application (vacuum limit level, pace ...): Primary pumps, Roots pumping units, turbo-molecular pump.

Rotating drum machines

For the preparation of bulk material surface, we offer rotary drum machines. The volume of the drum up to several tens of liters.

  • Intervention domain

    We operate in the different areas :

    • Surface activation and preparation of plastics, metals before gluing, painting, varnishing ... (2D and 3D parts, whatever the size )
    • Etching (RIE) and cleaning
    • Deposition of functional thin layers (PECVD) as the DLC layers, barrier layers...
  • Turnkey Solutions

    From the standardized equipment to special machines, the experience acquired enables us to offer turnkey solutions that can be integrate in the production flows.

  • Customer support

    ISYTECH guarantee it’s customers a personalized technical support allowing them to make the best technical and economic choices.


  • Low production costs
  • Low environmental impact (no solvents)
  • Excellent durability of the treatment
  • Appropriate technology for continuous production flow
  • Processes easily adapted to the product to be treated and the desired result