About us

Isytech is a French company based in Lannion in Brittany. The company was founded in 1989 by Mr. Patrick Chollet.
It is a human scale engineering compagny, formed by a group of PhD’s and engineers with extensive experience in the field of plasma processes development and the study and development of special machines.

We have a R & D laboratory equipped with hight performance equipments for the development of plasma processes and applications.
We also have a mechanical design office, equipped with 3D CAD stations and PLM station for the study and development of plasma equipments.

History of Isytech


: Creation of DEFITECH SA Company specializing in plasma applications.

The company’s business was primarily based on feasibility studies of different applications for telecommunication as:

- R&D on flat screens with France Telecom R & D
- R&D on plasma treatments of silica preforms for the manufacture of optical fibers
- Study and developement of specific microwave reactors


Integration of DEFITECH SA in Microwave Energy Systems company (MES). Creation of MES plasma division

Many new areas have been considered since as:

- Deposition of barrier layers of boron on optical fiber obtained by microwaves plasma.
- Development, for SIDEL Company (1998) a method and a technology for a microwave plasma treatment of internal surfaces of PET bottles to obtain a barrier layer to the diffusion of oxygen and CO2, (ACTIS).


Integration of MES in SIDEL group.
Working with Sidel engineers at industrialization process ACTISTMTM


Creation of ISYTECH Company.

Purchase of M.E.S Plasma division to Sidel Group

Orientation of the company’s activities towards the design and manufacture of plasma surface treatment machines.


Development and commercialization of PlasmaNet series; industrial equipment for surface treatment applications of 3D parts before painting, gluing, etching etc.


Development and patenting of a method and technology of a microwave plasma deposition inside rigid HDPE packaging to reduce permeability against chemicals contained (species, pesticides ...).


Development and marketing of RF Plasmacoat series; Radio frequency industrial equipment for plasma treatments online fully automated high throughput.  Patent application.


Development and marketing of the first machine in the world for treating plasma barrier plastic containers (5 to 20 liters) fully automated and high throughput.


Development and marketing of the series Plasmacoat DLC for depositing DLC ​​layers using radiofrequency plasma.


Development and marketing of an atmospheric plasma torch PlasmaDart


Partnership with Delta Engineering, a Belgium Company, for Development and marketing DPC plasmacoat machines for barrier treatment on HDPE and PET packaging

  • Intervention domain

    We operate in the different areas :

    • Surface activation and preparation of plastics, metals before gluing, painting, varnishing ... (2D and 3D parts, whatever the size )
    • Etching (RIE) and cleaning
    • Deposition of functional thin layers (PECVD) as the DLC layers, barrier layers...
  • Turnkey Solutions

    From the standardized equipment to special machines, the experience acquired enables us to offer turnkey solutions that can be integrate in the production flows.

  • Customer support

    ISYTECH guarantee it’s customers a personalized technical support allowing them to make the best technical and economic choices.


  • Low production costs
  • Low environmental impact (no solvents)
  • Excellent durability of the treatment
  • Appropriate technology for continuous production flow
  • Processes easily adapted to the product to be treated and the desired result