Isytech plasma


The solution for your plasma surface treatments

ISYTECH is a company specialized in process development, design and manufacture of plasma surface treatment and activation of equipment for industry and research.


- An ecological treatment of surface preparation and cleaning before gluing, painting, labeling, potting, molding, welding ...
- A surface coating technology for thin functional layers (PECVD)
- Etching for microelectronics
- On Line or Off line for a productivity gain online or production cell
- A quick and easy way
- Under vacuum or atmospheric pressure version for maximum efficiency
- For plastic (PP, ABS / PC, PTFE ...), rubber, metal, glass ...

ISYTECH develops complete solutions, including loading and unloading of parts.

  • Intervention domain

    We operate in the different areas :

    • Surface activation and preparation of plastics, metals before gluing, painting, varnishing ... (2D and 3D parts, whatever the size )
    • Etching (RIE) and cleaning
    • Deposition of functional thin layers (PECVD) as the DLC layers, barrier layers...
  • Turnkey Solutions

    From the standardized equipment to special machines, the experience acquired enables us to offer turnkey solutions that can be integrate in the production flows.

  • Customer support

    ISYTECH guarantee it’s customers a personalized technical support allowing them to make the best technical and economic choices.


  • Low production costs
  • Low environmental impact (no solvents)
  • Excellent durability of the treatment
  • Appropriate technology for continuous production flow
  • Processes easily adapted to the product to be treated and the desired result